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Investing in early stage companies involve risk

How Sprowtt Makes Your Life EasierAdvance Features

Activity center
View all the important visitor actions and information aggregated in one dashboard. Know who viewed your profile, which videos were viewed, which documents were shared, the status of accredited investors, as well as their state or country.
Customizable Access
Take charge of your account security by customizing passwords and security levels for all authorized officers and directors, ensuring a unique digital trail for every user.
Compelling Multimedia
It’s easy to create a powerful message when our turn-key solution allows for the incorporation of power point, streaming video, and audio in one presentation. Banner updates allow you to easily gauge the effectiveness of your message by tracking potential investor activity.
Real Time Notification
All authorized company officers and directors are immediately notified when any potential investor generates web activity such as: log records, video views, and documents accessed.
Transparency & Flexibility
Our system enables real time information updates, such as the addition or removal of directors and officers and company address changes. Records of updates are generated automatically in real time to facilitate investor due diligence.
Your information is secure, whether it’s your list of investors, your company’s officer agreements, confidential contracts, and much more.
Cloud Based
A cloud based system for full tracking that promotes compliance with built audio and video to promote multimedia presentations and compliant document delivery.
Real Time Messaging
Real time text messaging audio/video presentations with potential investors with your entire team while file sharing your key documents, with built-in investor chat!

You may have heardAttorney Testimonials

As a former SEC branch chief and litigator currently in the private practice of securities law, I am impressed by Sprowtt’s proprietary, compliant, platform which makes offerings safer to conduct and safer to invest in. I am also impressed by Sprowtt's regulatory compliance mindset and its attitude of investor protection and avoidance of shortcuts.
Russell C. Weigel, InvestmentAttorneys Coral Gables, Florida
Having practiced securities law for over 30 years, I recommend Sprowtt to our firm’s clients for both private placement and crowdfunding offerings based on the system’s automated and compliance features. Our firm recommends Sprowtt for the compliance advantages it gives to both issuer and investor, and for the tracking and traceability it provides.
Ronald Vance, Attorneys at Law Higley & Associates, P.C.
Investors invest startups for their intellectual property teams or productlines. Companies need to protect themselves from IP pirates. Sprowtt enables the company to track who is receipt of its ideas and plans. Sprowtt creates a record of sharring information. I recommend Sprowtt for all its Platform features and its ability to notify investors. A company should protect its IP prior to making it public.
Brian C. KunzlerFounder of Kunzler Law Group

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As a small early stage company you can raise maximum aggregate amount of $1,070,000.00 in a 12-month period with RegulationCF offering.