TIM HOGAN, Advisory Board


Tim has extensive experience as an innovator in the Financial Services Industry. His philosophy on innovation is rooted in the belief that economies built on the foundation of free markets and minimal restrictions placed on investment capital are paramount in its ability to achieve its full potential. Tim’s career path is closely correlated to this philosophy and consequently led to innovative advancements in liquidity and risk management for Shearson Lehman in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, improved market efficiency through arbitrage for global banks including Caisse des Depots and Chemical Bank in the mid 1990’s as well as challenging historic norms that favored one class of investors over another which led to providing individual investors access to Investment Grade new issue Corporate Bonds and Initial Public Offerings (“IPO’s”) achieved during his tenure at Fidelity Investments in the late 1990’s and early in the 2000’s. Tim founded and managed a Registered Broker Dealer in 2003 and witnessed how the big Banks and Investment Banks that were responsible for causing the Financial Crisis in the first decade of the new millennial received bailouts, most other financial institutions, including Tim’s Registered Broker Dealer did not receive a Federal bailout and were closed in 2008. Tim spent the next 7 years developing his knowledge, skills and abilities as an Investment Banker and helped raise Billions of dollars for large financial institutions including, GECC, Bank of America, Ally Financial, Dow Chemical, Prudential, Caterpillar and Ford Motor Credit during his time at Incapital.Tim is presently applying his acquired skills and experience undertaking a new challenge to realize the vision of an online capital formation market for Private Companies and expand access to funding and investments to individuals. The present challenge has been made possible by the removal of legal restrictions and a workable regulatory framework ushered in under The JOBS Act.