PAUL HOYT, Advisory Board


Paul has over 40 years’ experience leading teams to improve profitability and productivity. Comfortable “from the boardroom to the boiler room,” he has worked with dozens of organizations across many industries, and at all levels. His experience includes P&L responsibilities at EDS, Oracle, Litton Industries, and Qwest Cyber Solutions. In addition, Paul has successfully started and managed two professional services companies, and consulted with hundreds of companies of all sizes.

Mr. Hoyt has a passion for helping business owners determine and acquire the resources they need to grow their businesses. He has worked with hundreds of clients to help them develop their initial plans, financial models, and growth strategies, and has an expertise in raising capital. His second business book, The Capital Coaching Program(2010), is a workbook and action guide for business owners seeking to raise their first $1,000,000 in equity financing. The book helps first-time capital raisers take months off their learning curve.

His first business book, The Foundation Factor® - Critical Measurements in Business Strength (2004), helps business owners focus on building a strong company from the very start and provides the means for them to develop their own Business Foundation Profile® to measure the strength of their business. In this book, Paul outlines best practices in Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Financial Management, Operations, Product Development, and Customer Service, so business owners can analyze and assess the strength of their business foundation, and then develop plans to correct deficiencies that impede profitability and growth.

Paul is the creator of The Awakened CEO System, a powerful collection of tools to help CEOs and Entrepreneurs grow their businesses and gain wisdom in the process. The Awakened CEO System integrates products and services for business growth, professional growth, and personal growth, providing a balanced approach to addressing the challenges of starting and growing a business.