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Good investments may return more than just capital
Investing in a promising early-stage business can sometimes be about nurturing and cultivating
an idea that could be both beneficial and rewarding.

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Prepare For Your Offering

- Issuer Education
- Concept Development
- Team Building
- Growth Strategy
- Pitch Deck & Videos
- Business Plan / Summary
- Financial Projections
- Capital Engineering
- Capitalization Table
- Company Formation Documents
- Current Financials
- Offering Document Prepared Form C

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Review And Revise

- Application submitted for Review
- Acceptance by Sprowtt
- Presentation practice and review
- Tombstone ads prepared and reviewed
- Crowd Development
- Other Application Documents
- Final Investor document review by Attorney


Going Live

- Upload all documents to platform
- Sprowtt feature education
- Testing and practice
- Announcements and public tombstone ads
- Engage with prospective investors
- Marketing to the Crowd
- Management Marketing via Portal
- Answering Questions via Portal
- Accepting Subscriptions to Escrow Agent


Interacting With Your Shareholders

- Investors are vetted and verified - Documents are digitally signed - Funds are transferred to Escrow - After minimums are met, funds are transferred to Issuer


Closing The Deal

- Monthly financial reporting and newsletters. - Other periodic progress reports


Results will be sent to the provided e-mail