How we help you succeed Features and Capabalities

Sprowtt works in the background while keeping your company out in front of the potential investors. Sprowtt offers a dynamic multimedia platform for general solicitation of registered securities for issuers/companies. The platform is secured with 256 Bit SSL Encryption; the same Secure SSL encryption technology used by banks and Fortune 500 firms. Sprowtt qualifies and validates each potential investor before allowing access so you can check the accreditation and location of each investor prior to allowing access to your business documents.

Access level

Sprowtt allows you to provides access to potential investors and Company users.


Keep your brand front and center! The Sprowtt solution runs transparently in the background while your potential investor reviews your information.

Client control

Sprowtt offers an Investor Dashboard that facilitate investor relations.

Security is Our Priority. The comprehensive physical site security includes:

Comprehensive physical site securitySecurity is Our Priority

  • 24/7/365 Controlled and monitored access to servers.
  • Load Balancing Servers
  • Managed Firewall and Intrusion Detection.
  • Domestic Servers.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Redundant,Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Additional Features

Archiving: Create backup copies of all business documents and related investment documents and reports.

Audit Requirements: Will be satisfied with business and investment document access tracking and history with full reporting.

Active Investors: Enbables Investors to see other investors, and interact wth them.

Control of your Investments: Provides the ability to cancel investments at any time.

Collaboration: Enable selected users to download, revise, and upload documents.

Complete user History: Provides a full list of documents accessed by users and whom last updated.

Cost Savings: The Sprowtt solution requires no software or hardware investment and saves on shipping costs of documents.

Deal Management: Compress deal cycle time with multiple investor capabilities and Digital Rights Management: Ability to control the printing and saving of PDF documents

Interface: Customize your user interface hierarchy to allow highly organized access.

Members Encryption: Secure SSL encryption technology used by banks and Fortune 500 companies Flexibility: Administrative login to manage, documents, and user functions.

Investor Management: Turn-key solution includes Videos, PowerPoints and related multimedia for posting documents.

Passwords: Customize passwords and assign security levels to ensure single user access.

User Friendly Interface: Sprowtt provides both the users and the potential investors an intuitive interface that requires no training or additional software to install.

Simultaneous Access: Share documentation with multiple parties 24/7. Templates allow for rapid creation and management of Sprowtt.