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Sprowtt is an equity crowdfunding portal registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Sprowtt offers an innovative way of financing for entrepreneurs, who may need capital for business expansions, equipment purchases or the next years operating expenses. Sprowtt can help entrepreneurs to raise up to USD 1 million in a 12-month period, by selling a portion of their business to retail investors through Sprowtt’s crowdfunding platform under Title III of the JOBS Act.

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Make Up to Two Thousand dollars for each company that conducts an offering on Sprowtt Inc.

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What is the Sprowtt Ambassador Program ?Digging Deeper

The Sprowtt Ambassador™ Program allows anyone to earn $2,000 for bringing an American owned company that is eligible to conduct a crowdfunding offering and that is accepted by Sprowtt for listing on its crowd funding portal. Our mission is to provide a platform for an innovative financing for entrepreneurs and a fully regulatory compliant portal for individual investors to invest in small and early stage businesses with growth potential. The Sprowtt Ambassador™ fee is not contingent on the company raising money, but only on its acceptance for listing on the Sprowtt portal, so you get paid regardless of the success of the offering.

Questions and Answers

Anyone can become a Sprowtt Ambassador™. The only criteria is if you know any entrepreneurs or business owners in US who want to raise funds, who you are able to introduce to.

We encourage business professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, business and financial advisors etc. to bring us clients or recommend non-client companies We welcome professional,.trade or other organizations, such as incubator associations or even educational institutions to become a Sprowtt Master Ambassador Group™.

You may have friends who are entrepreneurs that have businesses in US. They may need funding to grow their business. Indeed, your Sprowtt Ambassador™ job is simple: just share a link on your social media, or just send the link/a Sprowtt Ambassador™ code to the business owners you know. We can identify you as the source of the introduction of a company via the link or the Ambassador code, especially if the company applies for fundraising

Unlike other funding portals, which require you to do a lot of work to introduce companies, including building relationships and meeting with business owners, building the companies’ profile or even filling out the FORM-C (come on, this should be an attorney’s job!), the Sprowtt Ambassador™ is done simply by sharing a Sprowtt Ambassador™ link on your social media, or sending this link or a SprowttAmbassador™ code to the business owners you know.

It’s our job to review the eligibility of the company you refer and guide them through the fundraising process.

We don’t have specific preferences on the types of companies. Small-to- medium sized companies or even startups who have at least completed a first round of financing, who want to raise equity funds to grow or have limited channels to funding sources will be our target companies. We are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs who are willing to take on the responsibility and the benefits of accepting stockholder money, and who have developed a “crowd” such as customers, social media or professional support, etc.

On receiving a company introduction from a Sprowtt Ambassador™, Sprowtt will review the company to confirm its eligibility to conduct an equity crowdfunding offering. If the company qualifies and launches their offering on Sprowtt, you will be entitled to a Ambassador fee of $2,000 upon listing of the Company on the Sprowtt portal. Even if you are a Sprowtt Ambassador™,you may not receive a fee on a company which you are a 10% shareholder or more, and/or an officer and director.

We recommend you provide us a PayPal Account. If you provide us a PayPal Account, we can send you the Sprowtt Ambassador™ fees immediately after the company you referred to us launches its offering on Sprowtt. If you don’t have a PayPal Account, no worry, we can still send you the money via check or wire.

No. Becoming a Sprowtt Ambassador™ in no way makes you an agent or employee of Sprowtt. You are an independent contractor, and as such, are not considered an associated person of Sprowtt. Accordingly, you are not authorized to make any representations on behalf of Sprowtt or bind Sprowtt in any way. You are advised to check your local laws to ensure compliance.