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Sprowtt Crowdfunding Is an early stage market place for early stage companies. We on are the Search for early stage Companies have a great Product or Services with an Incredible story to tell potential investors, Sprowtt will perform complete due diligence, and facilitate the preparation of your offering so our investors are able to purchase an equity stake in the companies posted on our website.

Sprowtt is a full service online platform for early stage capital investment open to all investors both accredited and unaccredited Investors.

Sprowtt Crowdfunding Team is ready to help you get your company launched and provide our Investors with a state of are Technology driven Platform to insure easy tracking of the in investment activity and companies of interest bottom line we make it easy to launch or Invest and offer a full and complete transparency for investment deal flow for both the Companies and the Investors. We offer investment opportunities through Sprowtt Crowdfunding a FINRA-registered funding portal.

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