Funding Models

Keep it All

Boot your support by offering rewards as incentives to inspire more donations

  • No goal, no deadline required
  • Keep all funds raised
  • Access your funds right away
  • Fees 5%
  • No extra fees, no penalties

All or Nothing

Power your start-up with pre-orders of a new product or services in exchange of support.

  • Goal and Deadline required
  • Collect pledges from contributors
  • Access your funds after reaching the goal
  • Fees 5%
  • No extra fees, no penalties
Ready to get started?

The process flow

The steps below represent an example of the preparation of the document sequencing required to use Sprowtt effectively and in compliance.

Prepare For Your Offering

- Company Formation Documents
- Prepare Offering Documents
- Concept Development
- Team Building
- Growth Strategy
- Business Plan / Summary
- Current Financials
- Financial Projections
- Capital Engineering
- Capitalization Table
- Pitch Deck & Videos

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Review And Revise

- Upload State Incorporation documents
- File all State and SEC related securities fillings
- Final Investor document review by Attorney
- Tombstone ads prepared and reviewed
- Presentation practice and review
- Setup Stock Transfer Agent
- Setup Escrow Agent
- Other Application Documents such as Provisional Patents


Going Live

- Upload all Multimedia video are related files
- Upload Investor documents to Sprowtt
- Testing of “Invest Now” button
- Announcements and public tombstone ads
- Invite Investors in to Presentation
- Live video conference with Investors on Sprowtt
- Investors Q & A via Sprowtt


Investor Relations

- Conduct on going Investor Relations vis Sprowtt
- Prepare for next offering using Sprowtt
- Maintain Investor contact information
- Back up activity data via Sprowtt
- Financial Reporting to Investors via Sprowtt Live
- Periodic Investor reports via Sprowtt Live


Closing The Deal

- Investor Net worth 3rd party verification
- Offering documents digitally signed by Investor
- Investor Funds Transferred To Escrow
- Escrow Holding Period Complete
- Close Escrow distribution of Investors funds to company
- Transfer Stock to Investor


Results will be sent to the provided e-mail